Expression anger, annoyance and embarrassment

07 Apr

Hendra : oh dear!

Niko   : what’s wrong hendra?

Hendra : I really hate with my friend

Niko   : what make you hate?

Hendra : he make lost my homework in the class

Niko   : hmm,,, he really sloppy

Hendra    : yeah..  I angry to him but he not care about it

Niko   : wow.. I not like friend like that

Hendra    : I am so annoyed with him. I can’t stand

Niko   : calm down hendra. Maybe he only play

Hendra : moreover. I am so embarrassed because the teacher punish me in front of the class

Niko   : you are not lucky, I think it’s your bad day

Hendra    : yes. Maybe you are right

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